Bemer Vascular Therapy is a non-surgical enhancement tool. It improves performance and enhances healing. This patented technology improves circulation of your blood vessels, thus allowing the natural reparation process of your body to work more efficiently. Visit our clinic now and opt for this drug-free enhancement tool now.

Benefits of Bemer Vascular Technology

This therapy can offer you a host of benefits including:

  • Better sleep quality
  • Improved blood flow
  • Enhanced nutrient and oxygen supply
  • Improved cardiac and aerobic function
  • Better fitness, strength and endurance
  • Energy boost
  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Increases the quality of life

Is Bemer Vascular Therapy safe?

Yes, of course. Bemer Vascular Therapy is 100% safe and there are no dangerous side effects of using this tool. This is a short 8-minute session which is enough to get the best possible outcome. Get this Bemer Vascular Therapy in San Antonio with us and improve your performance with ease.

Address Vasomotion and Transform Your Body

Improved vasomotion proficiency (the narrowing and extending of your blood vessels) is what we achieve from BEMER vascular treatment.

Our heart pumps blood to the arteries and veins with incredible proficiency, however hard to supply 74% of the human body which is overhauled by little, micro-vessels. Furthermore, it is inside these where oxygen, supplements, and waste are exchanged and expelled. In case oxygen and nutrients can't be exchanged, you can't accomplish ideal health.

How Long Does a BEMER Treatment Take?

A short, 8-minute session can be sufficient to receive the benefits offered by BEMER vascular treatment.

What are the BEMER Side Effects?

Until now, no hazardous reactions have been recognized with long haul utilization of the BEMER vascular therapy device.


BEMER improves your body's assorted, naturally self-regulating mechanisms, with no proof of any risky reactions. Results are scientifically demonstrated and its method of activity is grounded in theory and practice.

This therapy is very effective, and safe-to-use which has been tested and tried for many conditions.

BHRC Medical Spas offer BEMER vascular treatment at the accompanying areas:

  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • Newport Beach


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This therapy supports the immune system and stimulates microcirculation for self-healing activation. This is an effective treatment in case of sickness.


Bemer Physical Vascular Therapy San Antonio helps in making your health, well-being, and sleep better. Overall, this will help improve your quality of life.


Boost performance by supporting metabolism, decrease the risk of sports injuries, fortifying the response capacity, and quicker regeneration.