Hormone Replacement Therapy, simple known as HRT, is a treatment used to relieve symptoms of the menopause. It is used to balance estrogen and progesterone in women around the menopause time. Get in touch with our med spa and opt for this therapy right away.

Facts Related to HRT

  • This therapy is highly effective to eliminate pre-menopause and menopause symptoms.
  • It helps in keeping skin young; however, this therapy cannot reverse the overall effects of ageing.
  • It can also reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Who should not use HRT?

HRT is not at all suitable for women who have a history of:

  • Severe migraines
  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Ovarian, endometrial and breast cancer
  • Uncontrolled hypertension
  • Thrombosis or blood clots


Menopause is the time in a lady's life when her period stops. It is an ordinary piece of aging. In the prior years and during menopause, the female hormones levels can fluctuate. This can cause symptoms for example, hot flashes, pain during sex, night sweats, and vaginal dryness. For certain ladies, the indications are gentle, and they leave individually. Other ladies take Hormone Replacement Therapy in Austin, TX to alleviate these symptoms. HRT may likewise protect against osteoporosis.

HRT isn't for everybody. You ought not utilize HRT if you:

  • Feel that you are pregnant
  • Have liver disease
  • Have cancer
  • Have had a stroke or heart attack
  • Have issues with vaginal bleeding
  • Have had blood clots

There are various kinds of HRT. Some have just a single hormone, while others have two. Most are pills that you take each day, yet there are likewise skin patches, vaginal creams, gels, and rings. You can contact Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center for the best Hormone Replacement Therapy in Austin, TX.