Bhrc founders and wellness experts find themselves in the limelight


Dan Holtz and Devin Haman are featured in an interview with Clarissa Burt on the In The Limelight show. Listen in to find out some insider secrets that may have slipped into the interview…

Airing exclusively on In the Limelight with Clarissa Burt, BHRC wellness experts Dan Holtz and Devin Haman share their health secrets that they have used to transform not only their lives, but the careers of many Hollywood stars.

Known as “the wellness expert to the stars,” Dan Holtz has pioneered hormone replacement therapy and used his cutting edge treatments to combat his gradually deteriorating health. With a repertoire of Hollywood clients, Dan has launched on a path to maximize both his health, and the health of his clients.

Devin Haman is an entrepreneur with a flair for anti-aging therapies that increase quality of life. After founding Sunset Tan in 2003, he decided to set his sights higher and offer once exclusive anti-aging and non-surgical wellness solutions to everybody through the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center.

In an exclusive interview with Clasrissa, the duo share some of the most crucial insider secrets that get results, including hormone optimization, revolutionary body contouring methods, and holistic treatments. These all work to address the physiological processes that make your body perform at it’s anti-aging best.  

You can listen in to the episode with Dan, Devin and Clarissa here.